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        江陰站歸屬于上海鐵路局、南京貨運中心管轄范圍。江陰火車站貨場地理位置優越,處于華東長三角經濟發達地區,江陰市又是全國百強縣,具有通江達海的地理優勢,素有“江海門戶”之稱,有2 條國鐵線直達倉庫,目前是上海鐵路局轄區的的站庫合一的貨場。

        聯系電話:0510-86288750    0510-86288730
        傳 真:0510-86288730

        Jiangyin Station is under the jurisdiction of Shanghai Railway Bureau and
    Nanjing Freight Center. With advantageous geographical position, Jiangyin Railway Station Freight Yard is located in economically developed area in East China Yangtze River Delta and Jiangyin City is No.1 of the 100 top counties in China, which has geographical advantages linking to the river and sea and known as “Gateway to River and Sea”. There are two state railway lines directly to the warehouse and at present, it is the only stock yard under the jurisdiction of Shanghai Railway Bureau, integrating station and warehouse into one.
        It can undertake such bulk cargo business as the whole vehicle and container (LCL and devanning) and fast freight from Jiangyin, the surrounding areas and all over the country,implementing to accept materials at door,accept commission by telephone and pick up and deliver cargo at door,as well as directly distributing after arrival upon the request. With reasonable price and oneticket system, it conducts full responsibility for the whole course and agent for various kinds of cargo insurance.
        Tel:0510-86288750    0510-86288730

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