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    經民航總局和南京鐵路分局批準,設在江陰地區的電腦聯網售票中心,發售滬寧線及常州至全國各地的 票,可電話訂票,預售58 天;代售國內、國際、聯程、返程機票和酒店預訂,同時是中國民航服務熱線指定配運商,全國統一訂票熱線:400-888-510。
    地址:江陰市人民西路159 號
    傳 真:0510-86106825
    Approved by Civil Aviation Administration and Nanjing Railway Subadministration, it is the only computer networking ticket-booking center set in Jiangyin area, to sell railway tickets from Hu-Ning line and Changzhou to different regions in the country. It can book the tickets by telephone and sell tickets 58 days in advance; commissioned to sell domestic, international, connecting flight and return air ticket as well as book the hotels. Meanwhile, it is the distributor designated by service hotline of CAAC, with the national uniform ticket-booking hotline: 400-888-510.
    Address: No.159, West People’s
    Road, Jiangyin City
    Ticket-booking Tel:0510-86875551
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