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          公司成立于1984 年,原隸屬于江陰市交通局,1998 年改制為股份制企業。公司是以公鐵貨物聯運、水陸貨物聯運、水海運代理、大件貨物運輸、集裝箱運輸、危險貨物運輸、公路貨運配載、貨運場站服務、倉儲理貨、國際貨運代理、代售鐵路、航空客票,為一體的多式聯運(大型第三方物流)企業。

          公司占地面積234 畝,計16 萬平方米,擁有固定資產9800 多萬元,各類自有貨運汽車150 余輛,計2500 個車噸位。大型鋼結構丙類倉庫45000 平方米,堆場50000平方米,20 噸/40 噸門吊各一臺,鏟車、叉車、夾車、抱車和各類裝卸設施齊全。

          2014 年公司經上海鐵路局、新長鐵路有限公司、南京貨運中心批準,在江陰站貨場內建設12 幢鋼結構標準室內倉庫(丙類倉庫,消防設施齊全),計45000平方米,硬化堆場約50000 平方米,且有2 條國鐵線直通倉庫。2015 年8 月被全國棉花交易市場批準為全國棉花交易市場監管庫,也是新疆生產建設兵團棉麻公司設在江陰的分庫。目前我庫成為上海鐵路局、南京貨運中心轄區內的棉花到發站,躋身華東、長三角地區的集融資、交易、倉儲、物流配送為一體的棉花、件雜貨集散中心。


          Jiangyin Combined Transport Co., Ltd was established in 1984, formerly affiliated to Jiangyin Bureau of Communications and re-structured to be a stock enterprise. The company is a multi-modal transport enterprise(large third-party logistics),integrating highway-railway combined freight transport, water & land combined freight transport, water and ocean shipping agent, bulky goods transport, container transport, dangerous cargo transport,road freight loading, freight yard and station services, storage & sorting cargo, international forwarding agent, commission sales of train and air ticket, etc.

          The company covers an area of 234 mu, totaling up 160,000 sqm, with fixed assets of more than RMB 98 million. It has owned various kinds of freight automobiles up to 150 units and 2500 vehicle tonnage in all, large-scale steel structure C-type warehouse up to 45,000 sqm and yard up to 50,000 sqm. It is well equipped with various kinds of loading and unloading facilities such as one 20-ton/40-ton travelling crane respectively as well as forklift and clamping machine, etc. 

          In 2014, with the tenet of creating market with yard, which is approved by Shanghai Railway Bureau, Xinchang Railway Co., Ltd and Nanjing Freight Co., Ltd, the company constructed 12 steel-structure standard indoor warehouses (C-type warehouse, with full fire-fighting facilities), totaling up to 45 thousand sqm. And hardened the stock yard about 50 thousand sq.m. There are two state railway lines passing through the warehouse. In August, 2015, it was approved to be the national cotton trading market supervision warehouse by China National Cotton Exchange, it is also a branch warehouse in Jiangyin set by Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps Cotton and Flax Company and an only stock yard in Shanghai Railway Bureau, integrating station and warehouse into one. At present, our warehouse has been the arrival and departure station of cotton within the jurisdictional areas of Shanghai Railway Bureau and Nanjing Freight Center, becoming the largest cotton and break bulk cargo distribution center, integrating financing, trading, warehousing, logistics and distribution into one.

          The company can supply a “one-stop” and “door-door” services for cargo owners and nowadays it has been the sole freight enterprise(The third-party logistics enterprise)with Grade III qualification and a certain scale in Jiangyin. The company has upheld the principle of “sincere management, customer foremost” and kept communication with customers and cooperated with customers in equality and mutual benefit mode, participating in the market competition together and takes it as the base of logistic service to achieve the win-win goal with “zero-distance” service. Starting with multimodal transport, it has formed the coordinated service system from storage transport carrier management to line cost design, ensuring the articles of your company to reach the destination smoothly.

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